Control your network, with Solsys IT Solutions.

Your network needs to work for you. Whether your network needs to extend down the hallway or across the world, we have the solutions to make it fast, efficient, and above all, secure.

Some of our featured IT Solutions:

Network Management

Get your network back under your control. Everything from Windows Domain administration to corporate-grade wifi, we'll handle it all. We'll even consult for your current IT department to make sure you get personalized support!


Security is our highest priority, and we're good at it. Keeping you and your data secure is crucial and that's why we take every step to make data safe and connections secure. It's your data and only yours, let us keep it that way.


Get connected around the globe. We constantly work with the traveling employees that need connection wherever they are. Have multiple locations? Get them all on the same network for security and efficiency.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

When everything fails, backups don't. We offer onsite backups for those everyday mistakes to offsite backups when mother nature delivers her worst. Don't be caught without recovery, let us help you be prepared.