Get connected to the world, with Solsys Hosting.

We have many customers with many different needs. That's why we needed to have flexible options that we can offer to anyone. Whether your business is big or small, we have the solutions ready for you.

Some of our more popular hosting options:

Website Hosting

Hosting your website has never been so easy. For those looking to have control over their site, we give you the keys to your hosting plan. For those who need help, we can do all the work for you - even make the website!


Webmail is the easiest and most covenient way to get your company private email. With access to your mail from anywhere, and support for email clients such as Outlook, Apple iPhone, and Android, the decision is easy!

Private Cloud

Go above and beyond with your Private Cloud. Storing company data securely and off-site has never been easier. Access your files wherever and whenever you want - even from your phone!

Large Scale

For those with larger needs, we have larger solutions. Where optimized networking, high level security, and guarenteed uptime to your services are needed, Solsys is there to answer the call. Contact Us for more info.